Who we are and how to participate

The International Jumper Futurity (IJF) was first organized as a not-for-profit in 1988 for the purpose of aiding American breeders of jumping horses. Renamed the Young Jumper Futurity (YJF) for 2016, the format for competition provides exposure and marketing opportunities for American breeders through a nominating structure for both young horses and breeding stallions, along with Performance Records and annual Regional Futurity events for four-year-olds nominated to the program.

In 1998, the Young Jumper Championships (YJC), was initiated within the same corporate structure to urge competition management to begin to offer specific classes for horses Five, Six and Seven years of age – whether Futurity nominated or not – as long as they provided Breed Registry papers to document their age and identity when they were recorded with the YJC.

Since 1999 the Young Jumper Championship has offered 3 Regional Final events each year in the East, Midwest, and West, for horses that qualified through YJC Qualifiers held at shows throughout the country. These YJC League Finals are held at major Jumping competitions and offer substantial prize money –

More than $2 million has been awarded to date in the Young Jumper Championships, and $5.75 million in both programs combined – along with greater recognition to owners and breeders.

Since the inception of the YJC, interest in Young Jumpers has grown rapidly and consistently throughout the country. Our National Federation, the USEF, now offers year-end awards in these three categories and YJC Qualifiers are now held at more than 100 shows each year. Meanwhile, the rewards to owners and breeders of a Futurity nomination continue throughout the horse’s time competing in the YJC with special Futurity Bonus Awards recognizing the successes of nominated horses.

Our organization takes great pride in its ability to assure only horses legitimately eligible by age compete in the YJF and YJC Regional and Special Events, thus assuring totally fair competition and that our data provides the highest value to breeders and buyers alike.

Our website, youngjumpers.com, now records more than 100,000 hits per month. More and more the equestrian community recognizes the value of performance data, and has learned that the YJF/YJC is the only source for complete and accurate information on Young Jumpers regardless of breed.

To nominate a horse for the Young Jumper 4-Year-Old Futurity or the Young Jumper Championships, download the appropriate form and submit to the YJC office.