The Young Jumper Futurity for 2016

“Made in the USA”

Founded in 1988 as the International Jumper Futurity, this program is making some changes starting in 2016 to optimize opportunities for young jumping horses foaled in North America. As THE program for breeders, the Futurity will offer the following:

  • Opportunities to nominate horses at a very young age at low cost, with higher nominating fees assessed at ages three and four.
  • Three 4-Year-Old Futurity Regionals open only to Futurity Nominated Four Year Olds. These events showcase American breeding as horses are evaluated over two days on jumping technique and potential by internationally recognized judges.
  • Ability to create a verifiable record of a youngster’s show ring experience (at both licensed and unlicensed shows) throughout their four year old season, with breeding information in the same location.
  • A listing of both USEF and non-USEF events in your area offering excellent opportunities to introduce a youngster to the show ring setting.
  • Recognition of the breeders of horses as they progress through the ranks from four to seven year olds and beyond.
  • Special financial rewards and recognition of those horses who are born in America and “Made in the USA!” via YJF Regionals and YJC Bonus Awards available only to Nominated horses.
  • Recognition of the progeny of YJC Nominated Stallions with advertising opportunities and financial incentives, including large-breeder discounts on nominations and discounted advertising rates in the Young Jumper Annual Year Book.
  • Ability to nominate horses prior to their three year old year with only proof of age (no stallion nomination required), thus establishing age and identity for individuals that might not be included in a Breed Registry.
  • Discounted annual YJC recording fees for Futurity nominated horses.

How do we participate?

Breeders and Owners of Horses Three Years of Age and under:

  • Nominate your horses at the one-time Nomination Fee as shown for the age they became on January 1st.

The earlier you nominate the less expense involved. Be sure that anyone purchasing a nominated horse is aware of the benefits involved, and rest assured that you as the breeder or original nominator will continue to be recognized throughout the horse’s career.

  • Note that horses without Breed Registry papers may only be nominated to the Futurity program prior to the start of their Three Year Old year. In this case a letter from your attending veterinarian verifying foaling date is all that is required, along with full identification including markings.
  • Breeders or Owners of three or more horses are eligible for discounts on Nomination fees. See the website for full information

Owners of Breeding Stallions:

  • While nomination of the sire will no longer be mandatory for the YJF, there are many benefits to those standing Sport Horse Stallions.
  • Leading U.S. stallions for the year will be recognized throughout the year and at year end.
  • Nominated stallions will be featured in the Annual Year Book with discounted advertising rates. •
  • Owners of nominated stallions will be offered free or discounted Young Horse nominations for the offspring of their foals.

Owners of Four-Year-Old Horses:

  • Download a YJF Nomination Form from the website
  • Complete the form and mail with a legible copy of the horse’s Breed Registry papers showing the foaling date, pedigree information, and complete description of the horse, along with payment, to the address provided.
  • Look for listed events offering classes for Four Year Old Jumpers, or non-USEF shows designated as YJF/YJC affiliated. If events are not offered, or suitable Schooling Shows in your area are not yet affiliated urge the organizers to get involved. It’s easy and the rewards to you as a horse owner and to the event are measurable! You might want to print out the information from the website or give them a copy of this pamphlet to let them know what’s possible.
  • Any rounds which your horse completes with four faults or less, held at 0.85 M through 1.00 M will be listed on your horse’s record on the website.
  • Enter your horse for the YJF 4-Year-Old Regional closest to you, and get ready for continued recognition of your horse’s achievements throughout his career. Entry forms and information will be mailed to the owner of record in early summer of the 4-Year-Old year.
  • Should you have a Four-Year-Old that does not have Breed Registry papers it is not eligible for the Futurity program with its on-going benefits, but should you wish to have a performance record of its achievements published on our website, you may record the horse to the YJC program for that year. These horses are NOT eligible for a YJF Regional.

Show Organizers:

  • USEF licensed competitions may continue to offer one YJC classs for each age group: Five, Six, and Seven (ages may be combined depending on entries) just as in all prior years.
  • In addition, licensed competitions may offer Four Year Old classes (judged on ‘clear round’ or ‘style’) and list them as YJF-affiliated classes. Horse names, fence height (0.85-1.00 M), and fault scores must be forwarded to the YJC offices, along with the other YJC class results, for inclusion in the Four-Year-Old data- base.
  • Non-USEF licensed shows may apply to be affiliated with the YJC/YJF. Their jumper classes of 0.85 M up to 1.15 M, whether restricted to Young Horses or not, will count toward performance tabulation for Four and Five Year Old YJF and YJC horses. Dates and contact information for your events will be listed on the website. Organizers are requested to send class results, class sheets and judges’ cards directly to the YJC office.
  • Download a Host Show Application here.