is a Futurity for American-bred jumpers and dressage horses.

Format for 4YO Classes

2013 International Jumper Futurity 4-Year-Old Regionals

IJF Eastern Regional
HITS on the Hudson VIII
Saugerties, NY – September 4-8, 2013

IJF Western Regional
Blenheim Fall Tournament

San Juan Capistrano, CA – September 10-15, 2013

IJF Midwestern Regional
Kentucky National
Lexington, KY – September 18-22, 2013


  • Stallions must be nominated annually in order for their offspring to be eligible.
  • Young horses must be nominated (one-time nomination fee) before they can compete as 4-year-olds.
  • Foreign stallions (frozen semen) may be nominated, but the resulting foals must be born in North America.
  • Imported horses are not eligible.
  • JUMPERS: Each year, Regional competitions are held for the 4-year-olds and horses that complete the course are awarded $1,000 in prize money. Stallion nominators receive $200 for each offspring and the original nominator of the young horse receives $100. Additional cash awards are given to the 4YO jumpers that the judges feel most represent Best Scope and Technique, Best Rideability and Best Type and Movement.
    Jumper Program Guidelines
  • Every IJF nominated horse will be eligible to compete in all Young Jumper Championship qualifiers for 5, 6 and 7/8-year-olds and is entitled to a 50% discount on recording fees. In addition, IJF nominated horses will be eligible each year for special Bonus Awards within the YJC Program (see below).
YJC Final Placing IJF Placing $
Top eight highest placed IJF horse 3,000
Top eight 2nd highest IJF horse 2200
Top eight 3rd highest IJF horse 1700
Top eight 4th highest IJF horse 1200
9th-10th 700
11th-15th 250
  • DRESSAGE: The International Dressage Futurity will be based on scores earned in the FEI or USEF 4-year-old test at USDF/USEF recognized dressage competitions. Every IJF and IDF nominated 4 year old horse is eligible for entry. Scores may be earned in FEI or USEF Young Horse classes or via a test-of-choice format. Scores should be submitted to the IJF office immediately following the competition: PO Box 1445, Georgetown, KY 40324.
  • Four Year Old Dressage Program-open only to IJF and IDF Nominated 4 year olds. A horse’s participation in other dressage events will not effect his/her eligibility. Dressage Program Guidelines
  • Prize money is generated through the nomination fees from stallions and young horses. Each horse entered in the 4YO competition will receive prize money based on the average of their two best scores:
    $750 for 6.5 to 7.5;
    $1,000 for 7.6 to 8.4; and
    $1,500 for 8.5 or above. In addition,
    $100 will be paid to the original nominator of the horse and
    $200 to the stallion nominator for every offspring by the stallion completing the test with a qualifying score of 6.5 or above.
  • Dressage Bonus Awards and 5 and 6-Year-Old Programs
  • All nominated horses are encouraged to enter Young Jumper Championship or Young Dressage Horse Championship competitions. Additional Bonus Prize money will be paid to the top IDF nominated horses in the Young Dressage Horse Championships.

    YDHC Final Placing IDF Placing $
    Top eight highest placed IDF horse 3,000
    Top eight 2nd highest IDF horse 2200
    Top eight 3rd highest IDF horse 1700
    Top eight 4th highest IDF horse 1200
    9th-10th 700
    11th-15th 250